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COVID-19 And Housing Policy – Looking Ahead In The US

Three researchers have just published an article that proposes changes to housing policy, in light of the COVID-19 epidemic in the US. Ingrid Gould Ellen, Katherine O'Regan and Sophie...

In Barrie, Ontario, Cash-Strapped Students May Buy Housing With Chores

Social housing removes homes from the free market and so can provide an ongoing guarantee of truly affordable housing for low income and no income citizens. Unfortunately, there are few...

Lloyd George Doesn’t Know My Father. It Shouldn’t Matter

A silly, satirical British song was still sung by drunken rugby players more than forty years after David Lloyd George served as British Prime Minister in World War I...

America After COVID-19: Rental Housing Apocalypse For The Poorest?

When America decided to abandon social housing for the nation's low and no income citizens, they overlooked a fatal weakness of their plan to encourage/coerce free market landlords to...

American Public Housing Authorities: Undertakers Or Futurists?

American Public Housing Authorities, form into a great big circle. Now lean forward and pat yourselves on the back. Oh. You're already doing that? What a clever little group of social...

Vancouver B.C. Perfects Affordable Housing Shell Game With A Micro-Pea

Leave it to a city which, by some measures, is the world's least affordable after Hong Kong. Leave what to them? Why, solving an affordable housing crisis without actually creating...

One Housing Standard For All?

One school of thought holds that future social housing ought to be built to a lower standard than housing where a higher price will be charged. This kind of...

Less Is More: NYCHA Uses HUD Magic Math To Squander Public Housing

The great equalities of the future as described in George Orwell's book 1984 are almost upon us. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. The last is a...

Green Social Housing: Impossible Dream Or Old News?

One way or another, many feel that social housing is too expensive for America, even as many other nations find ways to utilize this truly affordable form of housing....

Finding The Path To Belonging

Researchers based at Calgary's Elizabeth Fry Society have completed a report about how indigenous elders and knowledge keepers help people to forge paths to leave homelessness. The report focusses...

Social Housing Futures Confederation Takes Shape In United Kingdom

For some decades, boots-on-the-ground UK local councils and housing associations have followed orders from national government generals hellbent on creating social housing more efficiently and cheaply by hiring mercenary...

I’m Here. Job’s There. Personal And Planning Views Of Public Housing Spatial Dislocation

Two stories provide different perspectives on the handicap of spatial dislocation for tenants of American public housing. Decisions made to site public housing projects were and still often are...
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