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Prudent Business Operations In Non-Profit Housing?

As a company, Joint Ownership Entity NYC (JOE NYC for short) doesn't have a catchy name. You certainly wouldn't guess that it works with non-profit housing providers in New...

A COVID Count Of Zero?

The BBC has uncovered a remarkable piece of news that has yet to be widely covered in the Canadian media: there have been zero cases of COVID-19 in Canada's...

Musical Chairs: When The Chairs Are Homes, No Fun When The Music Stops

How close is your bum to a seat when the music stops? Musical chairs is all about a lack of choice — shared by all the contestants in the...

Transaltlantic Neoliberal Problem With The Poor: They Just Won’t Keep Up!

Two articles published on the same day on opposite sides of the Atlantic reflect, when it comes to housing, how badly the poorer classes have let down the ideals...

New And Deadly Activist Now Calling For Homelessness Action: Winter

Worldwide, prompt government pandemic action has swept people experiencing homelessness into shelter. The effectiveness of these actions has been greeted with both praise, but also surprise. After years of...

A Study, Not Just Speculation, Links Poverty In Maryland To COVID Infection

A constant theme of pandemic reporting worldwide has been the greater number of COVID-19 cases in poorer neighbourhoods, compared to those which may be close by, but at least...

Successful Capitalist Welfare State Singapore Plans Tomorrow’s Benefits For All

Perhaps you're a go-along-to-get-along free market apologist for the poor treatment that your nation metes out to the elderly, the poor and the unwell. Possibly you've drunk the koolaid about...

Lump Sum Payments Help People Who Are Homeless To Leave The Streets

Here is news of a promising study from the University of British Columbia about New Leaf, a program that distributes lump sum cash payments to people who are homeless. The...

Are Housing Costs Eating Away At You?

How does spending more than 30% of income on housing affect households with low incomes? How does it feel to borrow money to buy food so that your loved...

Why Taking The Sting Out Of Debt Letters Isn’t Enough

The UK government is revising the rules for debt letters — those nasty surprises that arrive in the mail to inform you that you are behind in your payments...

23 Walls: Different Brutalist Strokes For Different Low Budget Folks

Can flexibility added to brutalism be enough to make concrete walls into cozy homes? When the contest is fictional architecture,See: FICTIONAL ARCHITECTURE a real-life answer is not as important...

Housing For Poor Built Beside Rich? It’s A Camel Through The Eye Of A Needle

Ah, yes, California! In a political climate famed (according to right wing sources anyway) for excessive liberalism amounting to self-inflicted commie-kazi, the truth is much more complex. NIMBY (Not In...
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