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What Is Social Infrastructure And Why Has COVID Made It More Important?

Traditional definitions of social infrastructure focus on a building and its facilities: a library, a hospital, a recreation centre. From Australia, however, a much broader definition has come into focus...

Empty? British Columbia Translates Housing Speculation Into Social Housing

Vancouver, B.C. has been home to some fairly insane social housing practices that, rather than supporting residents with low and no income, seem far better designed to leech government...

Can Floods Of Lawsuits Prevent Homeless Camp Bulldozing?

Casual notice of commentary on legal matters leads most Canadians to believe that the slightest American disagreements inevitably result in lawsuits, compared to our more occasional, sober and civilized(?)...

Social Housing — Who Says It’s Affordable?

Thanks to COVID-19, your hours of work have been reduced and you've had to apply for emergency financial assistance to help make ends meet. You've been on a waiting...

Hotels For Houses

Vacant hotel rooms have been identified as a potential source of new housing on a large scale. These particular rooms are in the Los Angeles area, where as many...

100 Year Old Experiment in Social Housing — Ignored — Can Inform Us Today

In 1920, one of the world's best known architects, Le Corbusier was funded by a French altruist to create a social housing complex for industrial workers in Pessac, France. It...

Is Segregation Actually A ‘Progressive’ Political Tool For Retaining Power

This following article by a housing advocate from the US calls out progressives who suggest they are the political force most suitable for ending the race discrimination that has...

Protocol Breach Undermines Support To Families Experiencing Homelessness

Imagine leaving all your local contacts behind and not having any idea of how to find help in your new community. In England, local councils have a duty to assist...

How “Minor” Bureaucratic Delays Magnify Into An Eviction Life Crisis

COVID-19 has meant less work or no work at all for too many people. National governments have stepped in with emergency financial assistance. In England, two million people had...

Social Housing Typology: What Works. What Doesn’t. A Personal View.

Australia, with its eyes locally focused but with a continuing awareness of developments around the world, has tackled social housing in a variety of ways. However well-meaning, some have...

Irish Government Re-Starts Evictions Midst Happy-Clappy Rental Smokescreen

COVID-19 got you penniless and unemployed? The Irish Government has legislation planned to get you dancing for joy. Soon, folks in arrears on the their rent payments will legally...

Praying To Protect Renters In Britain

Two members of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom have resorted to prayer to protect tenants who are at risk of being evicted. Skeptical about the power...
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