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Albany Housing Authority Is Ducking COVID News Sensationalism — Plans To DIY

The housing authority in Albany, New York, is apparently fed up with the cacophony of amplified voices providing changes in direction, advice and best practices from moment to moment...

Want To Join a Rich And Fulfilling Community Life? Try Social Housing

Any upwardly-mobile strivers intent on discovering the pot of community at the end of a rainbow should disabuse themselves of any idea that financial success and conspicuous housing are...

Urban Redevelopment: A Case Of Failing To See Who’s There

Shelterforce has just published an article about local residents opposing development in their neighbourhood in Camden, New Jersey. Far from being the typical NIMBY story, where people with money...

The Selective Seduction Of Adult Homework: For Whom The Siren Doesn’t Call

This scribbler, having been one for much of his adult life, has always enjoyed the benefits of working from home. Also suffered some of the consequences — it's not...

Housing Yes, If Not Housing First: Key To Preventing Incarceration Return

An African American producer and documentary filmmaker describes the difficulties incarcerated women face in their attempts to avoid reoffending and being pushed back into the prison system. To explore the...

Right Housing Concept, Wrong Clientele?

Here's a senior's housing project in Portugal with a different approach to its personal alarm system. Retirement residences and nursing homes commonly have buttons for residents to push or...

Welcoming A Tidal Wave Of Battlefield Migrants To Europe’s Pre-Existing Housing Crisis

The BBC has compiled a kaleidoscope of compelling voices to describe the incredible impact of a European migrant crisis that has changed how countries worldwide relate to their underclasses. In short...

Rentierization: Landlords & Speculators With Their Foot On The Gas Burning Your Dollars

What exactly is 'rentierization' (aside from being this year's Grand Loser in the catchy word creation contest)? An newly-published study by the University of Sydney and the University College London...

The Hunt For Green Social Housing On A Shoestring: Wales Edition

Handfuls of social housing have been built as a nuisance requirement of any free-enterprise housing project in the UK. The failures of this coercive social housing program are many....

‘Land Of The Flee!’ Everyone Else Is Using This Quip, So Why Us?

Because we're not so much commenting on 'fed up' New Yorkers suddenly rediscovering the joys of suburbia. More, we're wringing our hands over the disruption COVID-19 is causing to...

Poverty For Profit: REIT Hard At Work In the Homelessness Mines

This post is a tale of two viewpoints. From the bastions of free enterprise? Confirmation that there is literally nothing on earth that cannot, with good conscience, be turned...

A New Deal That Thinks Big For Social Housing

Marvin L. Mitchell calls for a "new deal" to construct millions of affordable homes for the African American population in the United States. Mitchell, an African American who teaches...
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