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Past Pandemic Rent Strikes. Can They Inform Our Current Crisis?

Rent strikes occurred in New York City during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic. There are reflections in those events of current conditions that have triggered calls for rent strikes...

COVID-19 Relief For Private Rental Housing?

Evidence is growing that millions of unemployed renters in many nations have neither the money to pay their accumulating back rent, nor the ability to save and pay that...

Foundational Provision: What Is It? Why Must We Reinforce It Post COVID-19

Imagine the sunlit figure of a merchant leaning anxiously in an open shop doorway. Perhaps it is the proprietor, pleased with a government small business grant that has helped...

Prejudice And Zoning Convenience: Lower Classes Can’t Do Community?

Decades of government-abetted shaming in North America have turned social housing into a monster. Its enduring image is one of menacing towers, either filled with the malignant detritus of...

Social Housing: Finding Middle Ground Between Managers & Tenants

Recently we've been exploring necessary steps that will need to be taken in order to allow future social housing communities to flourish. In this regard, we are not giving...

Social Housing Management: A Little More Of the Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing, Please

Decades of 'thatcherite' austerity government on both sides of the Atlantic have promoted the narrowest vision of housing for the most vulnerable: while its existence may be an objective...

COVID-19 Sheltering Action = Homelessness Job Done? Hardly.

The UK's kickass national government decision to house all homeless people in the face of COVID-19 has not been 100% successful. But it has come pretty darn close. It...

Hiding Rough Sleepers From COVID: Not Quite A Crackerjack Blessing?

One contemporary way of dismissing the crisis of homelessness: "They actually prefer living outdoors." Well, COVID-19 has come close to making truth out of that nonsense. But not necessarily in...

Could Social Housing Kickstart COVID-Stalled Building Industries?

For decades, many governments inclined to goose their housing industry have favoured assistance to new homeowners, rather than stimulating the economy by supporting new rental housing construction. Australia has...

A Fifty Year 0ld Pointer Towards Both A Renewed Environment And Global Health

In a new/old Treehugger article, The Architecture of the Well-tempered Environment: a late review, author Lloyd Alter pokes fun at his reaquaintance with an article some 50 years old. That...

COVID-19: Getting To The Bottom Of The Nursing Home Story In Ontario

In Ontario, Canada, there have been two COVID-19 stories: one in the community and one in long term care homes. The number of outbreaks, and higher frequencies of COVID-19...

Take A Trip Into Democracy’s Dark Ages — Already Here And Spreading

From a romantic point of view, America's flower-child city has everything. San Francisco has atmosphere, sea views (when the fog has lifted), quaintness, vibrancy, and most of all success...
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