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The Slow Drift Back To Toxic 19th Century Urban Life & Housing

Everywhere, higher levels of COVID-19 sickness and death are being associated with urban regions of low income, overcrowding and substandard housing conditions. These regions often contain, or are exclusively...

Students Create Financing Model To Protect Affordable Housing From Market Forces

HUD (the US Department of Housing and Urban Development) sponsors an annual affordable housing competition. The competition is open to university students across the country. The site chosen for this...

Social Housing Evictee Death: Can A ‘Safeguarding Board’ Make A Difference?

What is it with governments and their agencies faced with a need to learn as they go? Even when they come right out and pledge to do so, they...

Prefab: A History of Hope For Truly Affordable Housing

Over the last few years, the free market home-building industry has demanded various forms of government bribery in order to shift its attention away from its preferred profitable activity,...

Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste: BC Low And No Income Benefit

Commentators around the world are totting up some of the previously unthinkable changes that COVID-19 has offered to low and no income residents. The response in British Columbia, Canada,...

Homeless-Built Homes: From A Tiny Start To A High-Rise Tomorrow?

Anyone can learn to do-it-yourself (DIY), even this writer's corporate-lawyer father who turned foot-wide biscuit tins into lamps that never fell over. An intriguing project in Oakland California is assisting...

Vienna Points To Social Housing As A Key To Urban Resilience

The right to adequate housing in a time of civilization-threatening climate change: how will nations respond to these twin imperatives which, on the surface at least, appear to compete...

Ireland Plans A Rebuild, But Not For People Who Need Housing

The government in Ireland has announced its COVID-19 recovery plan. Its promises for housing raise serious questions about whether the government is paying any attention to its electors. Housing was...

Moving Day, Québec Leaves A Few Without Leases: Disaster Or Triumph?

A couple of weeks ago the Québec government stuck its neck out and resolved to shepherd that province's preponderance of rental lease renewals on July 1st every year. They...

Court Trashes UK Universal Credit Testing That Refused To Learn

The national government in England set out to reform its existing social assistance programs under the banner "Universal Credit" in 2013. It planned a phased implementation over four years....

American Activists Prepare For Tsunami Of COVID-Caused Evictionsc

In America, COVID-19-triggered eviction moratoriums — where they exist — are bandages over open wounds. Those who continue to be unable to pay their rent continue to fall further...

Will Pandemic Essential Workers Become Homeless After COVID-19?

The government in Australia offered free child care during COVID-19. In the years preceding the pandemic, the government had refused to increase public subsidies for child care services, so...
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