Americans Swim Up A Torrent Of Healthcare Money Towards An Earlier Death

Desperate Leap photo by Taomeister Follow is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Salmon swim upstream to spawn, then die.

Research is showing that America’s fight for good health is apparently impeded by the amount of money spent on healthcare. Three times more money spent compared to that spent by other wealthy nations. Yet Americans are the biggest losers.

In what way? Like spawning salmon, they seem to be deliberately struggling upstream to die. Americans spend three times the money to finish dead last in life expectancy. And it seems the more money that flows into health care, the earlier they are dying.

This article is really about ‘upstream’ in a somewhat different way. Studies are showing that healthcare should be a fix to be implemented ‘downstream,’ to mop up after a large number of other social programs which have been implemented first — upstream. These upstream programs actually contribute far more to overall human health than the healthcare system itself.

According to Politico, the list of these upstream health-giving services include many of America’s neglected and underfunded social programs, including subsidized housing. Read more:  Health care’s ‘upstream’ conundrum


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