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Studies By Public Private Partnerships: Can They Provide Credible Analysis Of The Affordable Housing Crisis?

Much of the developed world is facing an affordable housing crisis. But the nature of the crisis, together with its hidden social and human costs, if any, remain the subject of heated debate in city councils everywhere. There are, however, some signs that 3P initiatives...

The Elephant In The US Election Room: Affordable Housing

Growing larger and more frightening day by day, the Affordable Housing Crisis in America should be a major topic of debate in the run-up to last year's elections. But it wasn't. The reason is easy enough to understand. It's a complex policy problem, not a people...

Bay Area Rapid Transit Links Affordable Housing With Transit

In contrast to the San Francisco's Bay area, the photo above reflects a fairly common sight in Toronto, where mid-rise market value condo developments sit beside and over transit right-of ways and stations. Toronto has for a number of years acted to preserve its scarce rental housing...

In Search Of The Rare And Endangered Affordable Housing Trifecta

Affordable. . . walkable. . . good schools . . . rare signs of a vanishing civilization. Across the United States, just 14 percent of neighborhoods manage to be at once affordably priced, walkable and near decent schools. And many of those neighborhoods exist in...
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