Monthly Archives: May 2016

Low Income Housing Must Be Designed Not Only For Economy, But For Human Dignity: Los Angeles Architects

In a Los Angeles region of ten million people, homelessness increased substantially in 2015 to top 47,000 people. Recognizing that housing for people experiencing homelessness is a major architectural challenge, the American Institute of Architects (Los Angeles Chapter) or AIA|LA chapter recently convened a...

Mixed Income Housing Developments: Rich & Poor Can Be An Uneasy Mix

Mixed income housing developments in cities such as Washington, DC, have shown that the rich, paying market rates, can effectively subsidize some low income residents. The economic success of these enterprises has also provided some demonstrable social benefits. However, this 'marriage of convenience' by no means...

Need More Affordable Housing? “Grown Men Who Play With Lego” Are Waiting For Your Call.

Cost savings from modular construction offers a new direction for affordable housing – one which so far has been under-utilized. But one modular affordable housing project, a recently-completed, New York City skyscraper that is now the tallest modular building in the world, offers a mixed of both market rate and affordable units.
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