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It’s All About Us: City Politicians/Experts Navel-Gaze The Future of Government Housing Support

An international movement to broaden the social and economic classes eligible for affordable housing support is gaining steam. Make housing affordable for everyone, not just those most in need! Hardly surprising really, that when tasked with finding a new focus for grant money, Mississauga, Ontario...

Aboriginal And Homeless? 12 Reasons Why Affordable Housing Alone Is Not Enough.

A Canadian definition of homelessness neither mirrored nor explained the aboriginal experiences of Jesse Thistle. He decided that a definition that reflected the aboriginal experience was an essential foundation upon which to build a truly effective program to end aboriginal homelessness. Years in the...

A Big Problem Cramps A Tiny House Solution

Like babies and puppies, tiny houses are cute—an almost irresistibly imaginative and economical solution to a housing shortage. But tiny houses are too often plagued by rose-coloured imagery: a warm hearth nestled in a sylvan glade. Just how easy is it to place a tiny...

Private Hospitals Invest In The Health Benefits Of Housing

In United States, where private enterprise holds sway in the healthcare system, it might be expected that a for-profit hospital would shy away from treating homelessness as a healthcare problem. But if that was once a certainty, it is now no longer the case. Sacramento,...

Is Good Will A Rarity Or A Reliable Affordable Housing Resource?

It is no rarity. Australia has proven that landlord 'good will' not only exists, it can be a meaningful resource to provide affordable rental housing for those most in need. Home Ground Real Estate is a non-profit which launched in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. Its...

Afraid of A Home Invasion? One That Never Ends? Imagine The Horror!

It couldn't happen, could it, except perhaps in a creepy, frightening movie? A stranger suddenly invades your home, demanding, threatening, and turning your life into a nightmare day after day, week after week, with no end in sight. Unfortunately, these incidents can and do happen...

When ‘Affordable’ Replaces ‘Social,’ The Housing Result Grows Grim For The Poorest

In Britain, government funding focus is shifting away from social housing targeted strictly for those most in need and towards affordable housing support for a broader range of income brackets. There is as yet no evidence that wealthiest 1% of society is benefiting from...

Social Housing Dignity From The Ground Up

The California Town of Santa Clarita is a world away from the 2017 social housing inferno that killed so many in London England. Grenfell Tower residents were ultimately victims of punitive architecture: the poor do not deserve to live in attractive housing. When London neighbors...

BC Nurses Broaden Their Vision Of Healthcare For Vulnerable People

Not all health care professionals feel that health care dollars should flow to the huge and hugely expensive medical industry which gives them their livelihood. In Canada, the British Columbia Nurses Union (BCNU) have recently demonstrated a healthy respect for important non-traditional alternatives for improving the...

Affordable Home Owners And Renters: Are They the Beating Heart Of A Successful Urban Neighbourhood?

Not-so-affordable housing in Glasgow Harbour
There is some evidence that NIMBYism which is practiced towards people (rather than pig farms or railways) is for the most part targeting exactly the wrong population. Upscale NIMBYites pass through neighbourhoods enroute to their driveways. They are often in no practical position to...
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