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“Archvillains” Of The 2008 US Credit Crisis Now Permitted To Play In The Affordable Housing Market

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, two US Congress-chartered GSE's (Government Sponsored Enterprises) have been blamed by many for causing the 2008 US credit crisis that brought the housing industry to a standstill, bankrupted enormous numbers of ordinary citizens and put hundreds of thousands of homeowners...

3.5 Million People With A Brighter Housing Future, Thanks To Habitat For Humanity

With its fundraising skills and huge volunteer pool, Habitat for Humanity has become a powerhouse charity in the construction of affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity published its Annual Report today, November 20, 2017, detailing its latest housing success stories. Read Habitat for Humanity's news release...

Women Die Young In The Country Of Homelessness

No country in the world has a lower average life expectancy for women than can be found in Monroe County, upstate New York. A shocking study released by a Nazareth College professor Harry Murray suggested slightly — very slightly — better findings for homeless...

Social Housing In Britain: History

A nice little easy-read history of Social Housing in Britain from the BBC: A history of social housing

Social Housing Paternalism Disguised As Efficiency = Discrimination

The Australian federal government has a new scheme to streamline the management of social housing occupants. Using the convenience of electronic funds transfer, social housing occupants can automatically have welfare payments added to their electronic accounts, and pretty much anything subtracted from their accounts...

Problem: Unaffordable Big Cities. Solution? New Big Cities

As long as speculation and investment are allowed to drive up housing prices in major cities everywhere, those in search of affordable housing may have only one sensible solution: go elsewhere. That means abandoning any hope of housing investment in old cities, which may well...

Health Care Payers Begin Treating Ill-heath By Transitioning Clients To Affordable Housing

There has long been a reluctance to recognize housing as an important social determinant of health. Accepting the idea means facing the challenge of finding affordable housing for those who are suffering ill-health because of housing insecurity. But in America, within its complex of private...

Web Access: Trivial Pursuits? Or As Essential To Affordable Homes As Running Water?

Two recent stories from Axios neatly frame the issue. For years, housing the needy in ghettos remote from a city has been a non-starter. Without a job, what hope for an individual or family clawing their way towards respectable income and eventually abandoning their claim...

Rooming Houses: Yesterday’s Blight? Or Tomorrow’s Housing Solution?

Rooming Houses have inherited the prejudices of another era. Low rent, low class, catering to single, rootless, "ne're-do-wells", a festering sore on the backside of any upright community. But do rooming houses actually deserve the enmity that is slowly driving them to extinction? Or do...

Housing Supports: Cuyahoga County Department Of Unintended Results

Oops! Some of the best intentions don't pan out quite the expected way. Some twenty plus Cuyahoga County, Ohio communities have instituted what, on the surface, seemed to be a perfectly reasonable nuisance policy for the use of 911 calling, targeting high crime neighbourhoods. A...

Singapore’s Million Dollar Affordable Housing: A Public/Private Partnership Future?

A recent development by Singapore's public Housing and Development Board suggests an alarming future for public/private partnerships in countries who may be helping the needy to find affordable housing well into the future. Singapore is a city of superlatives, uniquely prosperous and forward-thinking. Its Housing...

The State Seizes Your House. Public good? Or Middle-class Land Grab Conspiracy

Is American eminent domain a sinister weakness of public-private partnerships? Imagine that you own a small, old family dwelling in a downtown neighbourhood that has seen better days. A young middle class couple are tired of the suburbs and would like to live in the...

Released British Prisoners Escape Unaffordable Housing Crisis By Committing Suicide

A new British report by the NAO (National Audit Office) suggests that prisons now drive 90 per cent of inmates mad, or turns them into drug addicts, or both. Seemingly as a result of drugs and drug-fueled violence, the suicide rate in prisons is...

Public/Private Housing Partnerships. ‘Gullible’ Climbs Into Bed With ‘Venial’

Imagine a partnership in which both parties bring their particular skills and interests to the table. There they strike a fair bargain. Alas, it doesn't necessarily happen in Britain's brave new world of public/private partnerships to build affordable housing. A deal is struck between government...

Low Income Renting: How Subsidies Can Soon Squeeze You Homeless

Public housing, owned by the government, is relatively impervious to market forces, and in turn has historically insulated low-income renters from an affordability crisis that evicts them onto the streets. A conservative pipe dream imagines public-private partnerships that can just as effectively, and indeed more...

Trials & Tribulations Of Trendy Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are a fashionably cute idea that has received a hopeful welcome by those desperate for a solution to the affordable housing crisis. Lost somewhere in the enthusiasm is the fact that tiny homes have been around for a great many years. Trailers,...
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