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Tiny Houses As Personalized Homeless Shelters— A Stepping Stone To Permanent Housing?

Can a temporary homeless shelter provide dignity and privacy? These are underlying principles of a San Jose, California initiative to create little villages of tiny, lock-upable homes instead of classic dormitory-style shelters. The problem? The concept scares San Jose residents to death! Shambolic, unhealthy tent...

Connecticut Sinks The Affordable Housing Hook Into Slippery Communities

In the midst of a global affordable housing crisis affecting many nations, NIMBY is a rallying cry for entire communities. A major defensive weapon is zoning — manipulating the 'who and where and why' of community planning to exclude affordable housing in all of...

Ghetto-busters: Project Towers… Nope. Section 8 Subsidies… Nope. So Federal Judge Orders ‘Plan C’

Opportunity: an elusive, unattainable dream for those trapped in poverty-stricken inner city neighbourhoods which are predominantly black. Opportunity? Opportunity to live in good neighbourhoods, send children to good schools, opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Following the disaster of soulless and lawless high-rise projects,...

The Many Colors Of Nimby: Traffic Jams

NIMBY: Not in My Back Yard. Part of an ongoing collection of articles exploring some of the many ways that a worldwide affordable housing crisis is opposed.

The Repeal Of Net Neutrality: Communications Disaster Or Potential Benefit For Affordable Housing?

America's repeal of net neutrality has been greeted by much handwringing, and the spectre of giant telecom companies upping prices and limiting options for customers. But there is another way of looking at this supposed crisis: as incentive for community-based internet providers. And this in...

Struggling Against The Public Seed Money Cop Out

A story from a local Massachusetts paper illustrates the uphill battle against a long held government mindset: the best projects to fund are seed-money projects: those that grow wings and fly all on their own, allowing the public purse to ride off into the...
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