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Risky Lending Practices In India: Deja Vu All Over Again?

Recent house financing developments in India make a case for looking beyond a country's borders when looking for best practices for financing and constructing affordable housing. Risky lending practices, buying, selling, packaging and repackaging sub-prime mortgages cratered the American housing market and triggered a depression...

The Many Colors of NIMBY: Somewhere Between Sparse And Clogged, Our Density Is To Die For

NIMBY: Not in My Back Yard. Part of an ongoing collection of articles exploring some of the many ways that a worldwide affordable housing crisis is opposed.

Billie Vaughn Breaks Down Barriers to American Affordable Housing

In every field of human endeavour, there are strong people with the courage and perseverance to overcome difficulties and achieve success. There are far fewer with the courage, compassion and strength of character to guide others along the same difficult and daunting path. Billie Vaughn...

The Affordable Housing Dilemma: The Irresistible Force IS The Immovable Object

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Modern free-market capitalist-based society fervently wishes the answer to be two: the angel of affordable housing, and the angel of profitable home investment. Shelter on one hand, financial security on the other. Alas, these...

“Manufactured” Homes: Inexpensive False Hope For Affordable Home Ownership?

With the prefabricated housing offering affordable housing possibilities worldwide, it's hardly surprising that 'mobile home parks', 'caravan parks', 'trailer parks' and similar solutions are being repackaged as 'manufactured home parks' and touted heavily. The sales pitch comes from the industry that manufactures them. Here's an...

Canada’s NICE May Need A Naughtier Affordable Housing Project

In the spirit of its 'NICE' acronym, Canada's National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly is embarking on an admirable and extremely ambitious affordable housing initiative. The charitable organization, which is based at the University of Toronto, is seeking to develop a blueprint...

ADUs — We Need To Be Reasonable. But Granny Reasonable? Or Affordable Housing Reasonable?

Some homeowners actually want to install their granny (or an insufferable teenager or two) in a tastefully tiny house at the foot of the garden. For those kinds of folks, Campbell, California's current 100ft x 100ft minimum lot size requirement is a 'balance' between...

Keeping People in Affordable Houses: Non-Profit Makes House Into Home

Whoever you are, the first time you climb onto a housing ladder of any kind, whether rental or ownership, you most probably face an immediate crisis. Sure, there are exceptions. Your parents may be wealthy, still love you, and prepared to be generous. Or, perhaps...
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