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Landlord Unfair: Who’s To Judge? England Believes “Lived Experience” Can Help

water damage has caused a section of ceiling to collapse near a ceiling light
The recent United Kingdom Social Housing White Paper put public housing landlords and their managers on notice. A new era is to be born in which fair tenant concerns must be addressed and remedied wherever appropriate. The rights of tenants to enjoy their housing will...

Truly Affordable Housing As Essential COVID Worker Reward?

Year two of a coronavirus pandemic. The hollow metallic sound of periodic pot banging no longer echos through Toronto city streets. We're apparently not so proud of ourselves any more for our noisy love-ins for essential workers. Besides, our understanding of "essential" has changed. Once...

Robots In NYC Public Housing: “Big Brother Dog Is Watching You”

A silver and black metallic dog with a ball in a similar pattern, beside a smart phone suggesting that it is the control device
The use of a robot surveillance "dog" during a police intervention in New York Public Housing seems to have a human "creepy" value of 100% with complaints flying thick and fast. Let's ignore as unlikely the possibility that robo-dog is not actually a "policeman's best...

Should Private Investment In Public Services Replace Public Spending?

A sleeping white-haired person lies with head on a carry bag, body covered by a sleeping bag.
A recent article in Forbes asked whether value capture could be used to fund intensive case management and other supports as a way to speed up initiatives to end chronic homelessness. See: Addressing Chronic Homelessness Using Value Capture How does value capture work? The mechanics...

Affordable/Council/Public/Social/ State/Community Housing: What’s In A Word Salad?

An incredibly huge and ornate Russian Palace viewed down a long drive to its entrance.
David Park's book "A Fire In the Eye: A Historical Essay On The Nature and Meaning of Light" reviews the ideas, debates and thinking about what light is. Plato used stories. Aristotle preferred something more specific: he sought definitions that always meant the same...

Built For Zero In London, Ontario Meets Temporary COVID Housing

Skaters on an ice rink before a lit pavilion in the background with lit christmas trees. Snowflakes fall.
London, Ontario is one of the first communities to join Built For Zero Canada, a campaign that aims to end chronic and veteran homelessness. Built For Zero follows a prescribed set of steps, monitoring the housing that is coming available and supporting the people who are...

Public Housing Homes As Worker Castles: Way Back When

A quiet courtyard between four story high, elegant off-white buildings
From Liverpool UK, here's a modest little "good news" post about public housing — if you're prepared to head back to the Victorian era in the 19th century for your news. It's a small celebration of what social/public housing was meant to be — good...

A Kansas City Prescription For Rough Sleeper Disease

A useful article in the Kansas City Star explains with insight and compassion why the simple act of putting a chronic rough sleeper into their own home may well do little or nothing to eliminate a particular kind of homelessness. The article is written by...

Khaleel Seivwright Has Hit The Big Time! Who? You Need To Know.

Children in colourful costume carry a tiny child Jesus on a platform
At we were quite taken with Toronto's Khaleel Seivwright when he hammered his way onto the local homelessness scene. So much so in fact that some might consider our initial coverage of him to be rather over-the-topTry: City of Toronto Helps Homeless-Loving Carpenter...

Building Kinship To End Homelessness: Connecting Through Construction

A team of volunteer builders in hard hats raise a wall frame to a vertical position.
This post is part of a series about ways that people provide support to those who experience homelessness. The idea that "we treat everyone as kin" resonates through the posts in this series. Finding more and more ways to treat everyone as kin could...
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