A Lyrical Housing Protest In Ireland

Leahy Singling
Martin Leahy siinging about homelessnss outside of Leinster House, seat of the Oireachtas — the parliament of Ireland

Standing in front of parliament buildings and singing is not usual response to an eviction notice. But that’s what Martin Leahy did.

Leahy plays guitar, sings and composes. When he received the eviction notice, Leahy’s muse went into full gear. He makes a weekly journey from his home in Ballinadae, Ireland to Dublin to sing in front of Leinster House, where the Oireachtas (government) sits. This has been going on for two years.

The linked article talks about how it felt to sing in front of Leinster House the first time and public reaction to Leahy’s protest.

Leahy didn’t think of himself as a protester, but he’s certainly not the only one living in precarious housing circumstances and speaking up1.

Read more about Leahy’s protest in The Guardian: ‘It was an act of desperation’: Irish singer on his housing crisis protest anthem

. . . and listen to him singing, shown in the photo at the head of this post, here


  1. Try: Tomorrow’s Next Peasant Revolt? Okay, Maybe Not ‘Til The Day After