A New Deal That Thinks Big For Social Housing

An attractive cream-coloured apartment building
Front of apartment building, middle photo by stepnout is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Housing designed and built by Black business for Black tenants? Unlikely.
Here's why American needs more of it.

Marvin L. Mitchell calls for a “new deal” to construct millions of affordable homes for the African American population in the United States. Mitchell, an African American who teaches architecture in Washington DC, sieves through a host of public policies and programs and identifies their racist elements. He also picks out some that have contributed to de-segregation.

Mitchell calls for actions that transcend the often-narrow limitations of architectural focus on structural design.

Needless to say, policies and programs don’t happen without political support. Mitchell also describes initiatives that could be the foundations of support for his new deal, starting with African American architects and going much further. His article has many ideas that will capture the interest of advocates and policy makers. Read more in Archinect: Build Something Big! One Million New Affordable Housing Units, 2020-2030