3 North America Countries Make A Chicken & Ostrich Climate-Burger

What appears to be a normal hamburger, but the meat is ostrich
Ostrich Burger photo by Edward Kimber is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
An actual Ostrich Burger. Metaphorically speaking, the US is in the middle.

The buns of our proposed climate burger features the famous Chicken Little twins. That would be Mexico and Canada, running around the barnyard and crying “Climate Change is coming, Climate Change is coming!”

It should be a pig in-the-middle, but it’s not. Ostrich is the meat of this North American sandwich. That’s the United States, led by an administration that has never encountered an environmental regulation that it didn’t want to quash.1

Canada is facing drastic change to the entire ecology of its arctic region, land and sea alike.2

Mexico, too is fully aware of the devastating impact that climate change is wreaking on the country and its surrounding waters.3 It is committed to action, and considered a world leader in sounding the alarm as well as taking action to combat climate change.4

By now, readers of affordablehousingaction.org might well be asking, “what the heck has this got to do with affordable housing?”

Officials embedded in the meat of this North American Ostrich sandwich will undoubtedly shudder at this answer: “More housing regulation’s a-comin’.” Or at the very least, changing regulation is on its way, in some corners of the continent.

The Canadian federal government is starting to change its building code to reflect the risks that climate change will bring to existing as well as new housing in Canada. Read more at the CBC: ‘A New Focus For Us’: Canada’s Building Code Being Modernized To Address Climate Change

Meanwhile, President Trump held a news conference just days ago where he proposed less, not more, regulation of the construction industry, a move to once again suggests the US has its head buried firmly in the sand. Read more in USAToday: Trump Says Environmental Policy Change Would Fix ‘Regulatory Nightmare’; Critics Say Consequences ‘Dire’


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