Social Housing Tenants: Time To Stop Preaching To The Choir?

A choir of men, women and children
Xpress Choir photo by slashvee is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Social Housing tenants should be: (choose one)

  1. Not seen and not heard
  2. Seen, but not heard
  3. Forelock-tugging with whispered fear that if they don’t smarten up, they’ll get the boot
  4. Murmuring politely while accepting that management is always right
  5. Mumbling endless thanks that a benevolent government has given them shelter they don’t deserve
  6. Noisy and insistent, preferably in unison with other tenants

If you chose number 6 (quite possibly with a cynical laugh) you may be surprised to find yourself more or less in accord with the Scottish Housing Regulator of Tenancies.

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