Take A Trip Into Democracy’s Dark Ages — Already Here And Spreading

An homeless man stoops to talk to his dog. Beside them another older man in a wheelchair watches

From a romantic point of view, America’s flower-child city has everything. San Francisco has atmosphere, sea views (when the fog has lifted), quaintness, vibrancy, and most of all success — so much success that only well-paid romantics can afford to live there.

Today, the city stands at the apex of the very utmost that America’s free market religion can provide. And yet a seemingly incurable rot grips the human foundation of this shining city on a hill.

For those romantics fixated with climbing their golden ladders of investment towards some bullion-encrusted heaven, the rot is nuisance. It is worthy only of impatience and exasperation when it is noticed at all.

For those enmeshed in the rot, it is an unendingly complex maze of human struggle , one that offers little promise to either those who need help, or to those who would help them.

For a vivid journey into the world of San Francisco homelessness, read more in The New Yorker: A Window Onto an American Nightmare


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