Public Housing: Love It Or Leave It? America Can’t Make Up Its Mind

A multi-storied red brick high rise from an earlier era
NYCHA public housing photo by Stephen Rees is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
What to do with Public Housing? Burn it at the stake? Bless it as the only guaranteed solution for low income Americans? A nation dithers.

The new Democrat administration is proposing to broaden American infrastructure to include public housing. With such an act, is the country accepting that public housing is an essential public service, of a kin with road building and garbage collection?

If so, then why doesn’t the administration provide — within a once-in-a-generation $trillion+ infrastructure funding proposal — the wherewithal to finally cure the nationwide public housing crisis?

As two New York City Congressmen point out, the $40 billion proposed for “the new kid on the infrastructure block” will only go far enough to cover the public housing woes of current housing stock of the New York City Housing Authority alone. Never mind dealing with the ever-lengthening waiting lists for public housing in that city, as well as supporting public housing residents and shelter seekers in the rest of the country.

Or is this infrastructure wrinkle just a new way of killing public housing softly, the latest method of cranking its life supports down notch by notch in hopes that some day soon a miracle will emerge from the financial shitstorm of housing commodification1 to provide homes for America’s growing numbers of people who are experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity.

America just can’t seem to make up its mind.

Oh well, perhaps there may be some comfort to be gained (by politicians at least, if not a nation’s shelter-seekers) from knowing that many other nations are dithering about in the same boat.

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  1. Try: Housing: Asset Or Necessity? Disobedience May Define It, Along With The Future of Capitalism

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