Accessible Housing? The Art Of Experiencing Life In An Unliveable Living Room

A fairly normal looking bathroom but with grab bars all over the place
elaborately accessible bathroom photo by Liz Henry is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0
By all appearances a usefully accessible bathroom. Now if a wheelchair can make it in the door...

How can housing accessibility make housing more affordable? Recently we reported a United Kingdom conference where accessibility was discussed not just as a specialty item, but as a principle that should be applied to all new housing. Try: UK Conference: Affordability Demands Accessibility . . . In All Homes

But can accessibility be really that much of an unaffordable nightmare for people with disabilities, or for aging seniors?

A UK artist has set out to demonstrate just how difficult a hostile environment in a home can be. Not by turning turning average folks into less able ones, but by rendering a normal environment into something of a living nightmare.

His work is a grimly humorous piece of . . . performance art? It illustrates just how damaging an unworkable living space can for the mental health of anyone who is forced to live with the entire uncomfortable experience (not to mention the pocketbook that must pay to correct the problems). Read more at the BBC: Meet The Artist Who Designed A Hotel Room That’s Difficult To Stay In