Affordable Housing: A Rose-Coloured Glasses Moment To Wrap Up 2019

A woman stands in the street reading a newspaper
That's good news. (15194512586) photo by Thomas8047 is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Good news to end the year.

It’s a world in which a great many nations pay lip service to the human right to adequate shelter. There are some, including the United States, that don’t acknowledge it at all.

Whether shelter is tacitly acknowledged as a fundamental need or ignored altogether, it can be daunting to identify progress toward housing millions of homeless, or relieving a life of housing-burdened poverty and ill-health for billions more.

There are positives to be found, thank goodness, even in crises largely devoid of national leadership and when local handwringing so often yields small and token results.

Our thanks therefore, to Jared Brey, housing reporter at NEXT CITY for a summary of some of the encouraging affordable housing progress in America over the past year: Highlights From A Year On The Housing Beat