Affordable Housing Held Hostage In A ‘Two America’ Crisis

Downtown Durham, North Carolina photo by James Willamor is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Downtown Durham, North Carolina

Blue city in a red state. Two competing visions of tomorrow’s America. One community is thwarted by a larger region, dominated by a deeply unsympathetic population.

Because of the progressive (read Democratic, blue) leanings of many modern cities, and because there are many conservative (read Republican, red) states, this clash of community wills is far from uncommon. And because both affordable housing crises and homelessness problems are most acute in cities, a red/blue conflict becomes a recipe for inaction when it comes to both homelessness and affordable housing.

For an in-depth examination of this problem, try the following article in The Nation: What Happens After the Progressive Revolution Comes to a City Like Durham?