After 11 Years Of UK Tory Rule, Where Goes Public Housing?

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The recent record of the Conservative Party in the UK has seen rejuvenation of public housing policies inherited decades earlier from Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. (To be fair, a fair quantity of these have been supported by intervening Labour governments.)

A number of other “westernized” democracies still embrace Thatcher’s small government neoliberal aspirations. Those concerned with public housing in other countries may well be interested in an analysis from a U.K. law firm. It traces what has taken place over the last eleven Tory years — changes that have generally leaned towards throwing out the baby (a.k.a. the nation’s poorest citizens) with the bathwater.

The result has been a generally unfocused tinkering with an aging vehicle of public housing as it wheezes and puffs up an ever-steepening hill of unaffordable housing.

What has worked? What hasn’t? Where is the jury still out? Is there the slightest hope of reaching the top of the hill before catastrophe?

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