Aging Empty Nester? Size-Small Family In A Size-Large House? You May Have To Get Used To It!

photo of older suburban home with vintage cars
time moves unevenly photo by Robert Couse-Baker is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Never dreamed that we would have to live here for the rest of our lives when we bought our home in the 1950's.

A growing dilemma in Cincinnati: older residents who have always planned to sell up their unnecessarily large and unmanageable houses in order to downsize into a retirement home. However, when the time comes to do so, they are shocked to discover that their preferred retirement plans have become too expensive.

It’s a growing problem across America, as well as other in other countries where aging baby-boomers are looking for more suitable housing. Gentrification is making downtowns into hot (a.k.a. expensive) markets. Suburban houses are becoming less desirable. The ‘trade-down’ from large to small is no longer guaranteed to support an affordable senior lifestyle.

In the Kennedy Heights neighbourhood of Cincinnati, a new initiative is attempting to come to grips with the reality of older citizens awkwardly ‘stuck’ in their family homes. Read about measures being explored to support this growing neighbourhood reality in soapbox cincinnati: Aging in place