Albany Housing Authority Is Ducking COVID News Sensationalism — Plans To DIY

A manic looking man in a white shirt screaming through a megaphone

The housing authority in Albany, New York, is apparently fed up with the cacophony of amplified voices providing changes in direction, advice and best practices from moment to moment about how to best support their social housing tenants.

The amplifier? The news media in all its many forms from TV to Twitter, according to the Albany Housing Authority. No matter the outlet, these purveyors of the latest political, scientific, economic and health news would seem to favour sensationalism in order to to boost circulation.

And so the Albany Housing Authority, with local production assistance, plans to DIY (Do It Yourself) — delivering useful and important pandemic info to its tenants, which will counter the morsels that arrive loaded with media hype, not to mention heavy political spin in this U.S. election year.

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