American East Coast Liberalism, A Dogma For Preaching, Not Practice

connecticut state capitol in daylight
Hartford, Connecticut photo by JJBers is licensed under CC BY 2.0
The Democrat controlled Connecticut State Capitol, for decades a temple for preaching (but not enforcing) the importance of affordable housing for all incomes in all districts.

Let’s take a most ‘Christian’ (supposedly charitable) interpretation of a certainly-Christian teaching: ‘Ye shall know them by their deeds.’ (Mathew 7:16). Use it as a lens with which to view East Coast Liberals, or at least a state full of them — Connecticut.

How do we arrive at the ‘full of them’ observation? By noting Connecticut voting behaviour — solidly Democratic — and linking it to pious self-identification as ‘liberal’ by Democrats, and a similar identification accompanied with a lip-curled sneer by Republicans.

Now, never mind what a state full of people that style themselves Democrat or liberal actually claim they are. Let’s take a look at what they really do. Not what their state government does, but what they as individuals, acting either individually or in concert with others, actually do.

And let’s choose controversial topic for discussion: affordable housing.


In brief, Connecticut liberals do nothing about affordable housing.

This is not an indolent ‘we’re getting around to it sooner or later’ nothing. Or a lapse of attention nothing, as in ‘oops, it just slipped my mind.’ We’re talking an aggressive, fevered, hate-filled nothing, at times literally violent. We’re talking a scheming, duplicitous, carefully-planned nothing, filled with barely concealed prejudice.

Read more in The Good Men Project: Separated By Design: How Some Of America’s Richest Towns Fight Affordable Housing

And so, with federal elections looming, and East Coast liberals such as the folks from Connecticut wrapping themselves as pigs in a politically-correct and biodegradable vote-Democratic poke, what are we to make of them, based on their record of action?

Are they centrist Democrats, not too far left, not too far right or we’ll all be out of a job or out of power, or out of a job connected to power? Or are they progressive Democrats? If so, progressing towards . . . exactly what?

Then again . . . if you’re a Democrat yourself, should you even care, just so long as they vote donkey?


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