American Music: Legacy of Hollywood Composers? Not For Its Soul. Think Again.

A four story red brick former public housing building with windows still boarded up
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The latest view of NMPH's soon-to-be new building comes courtesy of Google. Construction to refurbish this former public housing building is slated for completion in 2024.

So, why is an affordable housing blog with a home in Canada so enamoured with the National Public Housing Museum in Chicago?

Millions of Americans were given the opportunity to call public housing home for their families and children. And yet there seems to be a grand conspiracy to label public housing as the abject locations of a drug-infested world of crime and degeneracy. This cynical view still sees hundreds of public housing buildings condemned to become the devil’s playground of Despicable Americans, the land conveniently suitable for some profitable alternative.

The National Public Housing Museum (NPHM) is part of a development that will not slam or damn or bury public housing. The museum’s objective is to celebrate the good that has come out of it over 90+ years. It feels to be a long overdue celebration from this blog’s slightly foreign perspective.

One of the NPHM’s aims is to celebrate the link between public housing and America’s music scene. To this end, they’ve recently announced the appointment of a curator of the NPHM’s music room.

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