An Invitation To See The Faces Of People Who Are Unhoused: Calvin

Calvin photo by Steve McKenzie is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Meet Calvin. can make this introduction thanks to the fine work of Steve McKenzie, a portrait photographer. Steve’s portraits come with notes:

‘Calvin was on the southwest corner of Lake and Wacker. Today was very windy, so when we first started talking he said, “I was afraid of getting blown off the bridge, so I tried to find a building to block the wind!” He stays down on the southside with his family. He was trying to find a bus to get back down there. He’s originally from Hollywood, Mississippi. “I went to school in a school house that had first grade to high school.” His advice, “stay in school, get an education.”‘ was inspired to share Steve’s portraits after reading a commentary by Jennifer Gerlach in Psychology Today1. Ms Gerlach encourages us to experience the humanity that is so obvious in the faces of people who are unhoused. Steve’s portraits give us all an opportunity to follow Jennifer Gerlach’s invitation.


  1. You can read Jennifer Gerlach’s commentary here: A Person With a Face, Unhoused on a Cold Winter Night