Dallas Highrise Residential Parking: An Affordable Housing Burden?

concrete pillars step across a sea of empty asphault
Yellow holders photo by Vincent WR is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Empty underground parking: making housing less affordable?

At affordablehousingaction.org we’ve not been overly impressed by the blanket condemnation of zoning bylaws by the housing industry. NIMBY neighbourhood attitudes, perfectly understandable, have become a convenient ‘fall guy’ for all the affordable housing that isn’t getting built.

Local bylaws are put in place to protect neighbourhoods from all kinds of indiscriminate changes to permitted construction or to the modification of existing structures. As far as we’re concerned those laws were put in place for a reason, and the blanket calls to simply reduce government oversight in neighbourhoods smack of letting the fox into the henhouse without a leash.

However, it’s both important and necessary to change by-laws that may be outdated. And where developers can make a case and are willing to provide guarantees that newly permitted construction procedures will be implemented for appropriate reasons, well, fine.

The  changing relationship between citizens and their cars is one area that leaves citizens protected where they may no longer need or want to be. Zoning that once provided for highrise resident parking no longer necessarily satisfies the requirements of city, builders, renters, and condo owners alike.

Read more about how zoning changes to resident parking in Dallas, Texas could actually make their housing more affordable, always depending on just how builders take advantage (or not) of any zoning changes.

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