Rooftop Modular Affordable Housing Horrifies Top Floor Renter

An elephant releases a ball on a bowling alley -- no kidding
Elephant Bowling photo by v i p e z is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Memories of the upstairs tenants . . .

As a resident of a solidly-built, flat-roofed 1928 apartment building, a good-news modular housing story from the UK positively sends shivers up my spine.

Oh no! We’ll no longer be on the top floor! Years have been spent climbing up the rental housing ladder until we’ve topped out in an affordable rental apartment above everybody else. Our payoff — a million-dollar plus view. We know what it’s worth because our apartment is at the same height as the new condo penthouse next door.

And now this! Memories of that elephant chasing the bowling ball upstairs come flooding back. Sure, it was a dachshund chasing a golf ball, but you have to experience one-under-the-top floor living under 1928 hardwood to realize that apartment-noise-wise, elephants and dachshunds are created equal.

Okay, it hasn’t happened quite yet, but it could! Read more at Housing Today: Apex Airspace Plans 10,000 Affordable Modular Rooftop Homes