Affordability Was Always Bottomless. Arlington, VA Makes It Topless

An image of the CN tower, its top lost in the clouds, with a ladder like pattern of its windows climbing upwards
Topless CN Tower photo by Matt Wiebe is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Way up at the tippety-top of the housing ladder where the billionaires roost, lost in the mists of privilege, that's where the housing is currently 'affordable'. It is in Arlington, VA at least.

The current American federal government has little or no interest in a national affordability crisis, preferring to hack relentlessly at federal funding instituted by previous administrations.

Not surprising, perhaps, that a Washington area city has banged the last nail into the affordability coffin. True, they haven’t banged it quite flush, so it might be pried up for some unlikely event in future.

Arlington, Virginia has eliminated the upper limit on its definition of affordability when it comes to funding. Yes, that’s right. Anybody, even a billionaire, can be eligible for affordable housing in Arlington.

Arlington City Council is quick to reassure that of course their purpose is not to assist billionaires to buy housing.

So, what is the purpose then? That’s less clear, although council wishes to celebrate the idea that their city is home to all levels of income. Perhaps they envision a tidal wave of affordable housing funding that will flush all the upper classes out of town.

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