Persistence, Not Perfection, Plucks Homeless From Atlanta Streets

Air Photo of Downtown Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, GA photo by Ron Reiring is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Downtown Atlanta, GA on a sunny winter day.

For Atlanta, Georgia’s homeless population, persistence has paid off. The city lays no claim to a magic formula for getting people out of the streets and into homes. Other major cities try the same measures, but few if any can claim year-by-year reductions of the homeless population for an unbroken string of 10 years.

How have they managed it? With care and attention to supports for homeless people in transition, together with successful public private partnerships to help fund those supports, as well as provide much-needed low-income affordable housing.

Read an in-depth looks at Atlanta’s homelessness and low-income affordable housing programs in The Christian Science Monitor: Atlanta Refused To Give Up On Homelessness. It’s Working

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