Aussie Public Housing History: One Architect’s Championing Of More For Less

three storey apartment building with trees in background
Low-rise apartment buildings next to Orelia Oval in Orelia, Western Australia photo by User:Orderinchaos is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
Low rise flats in Orelia, Western Australia.

An Australian article linked below appears at first glance to be a ‘sweep nostalgia away’ anti-heritage, anti-sentiment dismissal of older architecture threatened with redevelopment. However, it instead turns out be be nuanced discussion about a pioneer of no-frills affordable housing.

Many have advocated over the years for public and social housing standards of design and construction that allow occupants to be house-proud, and act accordingly. Facing off against this attitude is the ‘punitive’ school of public housing provision. The poor deserve poor design and shoddy construction.

The following article, though, takes another perspective on the issue, celebrating an architect well known in Australia who was committed to designing the best with limited amounts funding to build public housing.

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