Bang-A-Pot COVID Key Worker Support Fades Towards A Housing Tragedy

house built for World War I veteran
Anzac Cottage photo by Mitch_Ames is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
A home built for a World War 1 Veteran. Why not for the heroes of COVID-19?

Australia’s COVID-19 response required some people to work, not from home, but at their job site. Similar to other countries, the government heralded these key workers, who included waste collectors, child care providers and bus drivers in addition to the nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians and cleaners who work in hospitals and labs.

Now that the worst is over, some had hopes that the government would translate its thanks to something more substantial, like affordable housing. The construction industry has been strongly affected and new and social housing would certainly help stimulate recovery plans. So far, the news has been disappointing. Read more in Domain: Low-income earners, key workers, left behind by housing stimulus plans