Better Bang For Your Buck From Renting? American Homeowner Dream Heresy!

A perfect little house at the end of a rainbow
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Home sweet rental home. Not at all cramped up like a barely affordable ownership!

Attention Denizens of Legendary Dogpatch, USA! Which of America’s Biggest and Best Cities might entice you to buy in to the American Home Ownership Dream?

If you are actually American, reading the following article might guide you towards decision to buy a home. If so, skip to the next paragraph for your guidance. Non-Americans, don’t ho-hum yourselves away. Stick with this wallow in American opportunity to learn why housing costs might just encourage you to skip the worldwide ‘dream’ of home ownership. Give renting a serious thought instead!

Bottom line: In spite of all the glorious hoo-haw about the wonders of home ownership in some distant and currently receding mortgage-friendly future, in America at least, renting your home almost invariably gives you more living space to enjoy in the here and now. Read more in POINT2 NEWS: Room for Doubt: Trading Rent for An Equal Mortgage Doesn’t Mean More Living Space