Britain Looks Back from 2029 At Three Simple Steps That Solved The Affordable Housing Crisis

head shot of Chrisopher Addison, Minister of Health in England in 2019
Christopher Addison, a physician and England's Minister of Health, led the development of 500,000 units of social housing in 1919. Will Boris Johnston's government follow a similar path?

Looking back from 2029, what were the three simple steps the government took in 2019 to solve the affordable housing crisis?

  1. Public Housing: 200,000 new social houses built per year for ten years.
  2. Private Rental Housing: Regulated with rent controls & tenant protections
  3. Home Ownership: Taxes and other legal frameworks put in place to discourage housing speculation and to make other investments more attractive.

Is it that easy? The author of an article in The Guardian thinks so. Judge for yourself: Here’s How Britain’s Broken Housing System Can Be Fixed In A Decade


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