Brutalism: The Demise Of The High Rise Live-in Parking Garage?

University of Leeds
The Roger Stevens Building retouched photo by The University of Leeds under license CC BY-SA 3.0
The Roger Stevens Building, Leeds University, UK

Who knew that architecture could warp the mind, pollute the thinking, cause people to sink into poverty and condemn them to a life of crime? That seemed to be the underlying message of then UK prime minister David Cameron’s £140 million plans to either raze to the ground or massively makeover one hundred “sink estates.” Their very design, it seems, fosters crime and poverty.

In Cameron’s words, these post-war social housing estates are “brutal” and a “gift to criminals and drug dealers,” spelling out his opinions in a Sunday Times article and on the government’s website.

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A more positive note on Brutalism is struck by a fan of this architectural style, writing in The Guardian: A concrete future