Bureaucracy Loves The Pros Though They Won’t Fix Housing Affordability

slide rule
Slide Rule photo by Dominic Alves is licensed under CC BY 2.0
A slide rule, widely used by engineers before the widespread use of computers. A local businessman in Limerick finds the rules slide too, depending on the developer.

Bureaucrats must sigh with relief when one of the half-dozen or so major homebuilders the United Kingdom walk through the door with a project proposal. The same sentiment is undoubtedly expressed in America, or Ireland.

The pros have arrived! With their years of knowledge and expertise, with the legal resources to get it right. Smooth sailing!

We’re not talking one-man-bands here, wet-behind-the ears wannabe builders with learner license plates strapped to their behinds and spouting a thousand and one questions that they should already know the answers to.

But smooth sailing for any of the many bureaucracies involved a housing project does not necessarily promise a rosy future for affordable housing. The interests of major builders are fixated on profit, not some mission to save a nation through their commitment to a human right to housing. Major homebuilders can be perfectly content making hefty returns on luxury housing without even dabbling in the affordable housing pond.

What future then for affordable housing ambitions which find themselves up against agencies contemptuous of no-experience upstarts and disinclined to bend over backwards to help out earnest learner-drivers?

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