California Unhoused? Vanlords Can Find You Wheel Cheap Housing

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Have you found yourself studying a sleek motor home that has appeared in your field of view? Are you tantalized, imagining yourself in the cozy comfort of a home while enjoying the freedom of the open road?

Be careful what you wish for. Just suppose that that freedom wagon is not a passport to adventure but badly-needed as a cramped and crowded but affordable urban home.

But then, you’re nearly broke, and struggling to make ends meet in spite of one or more jobs. Is coveting a sleek motor home beyond your means? Not so fast.

Los Angeles and San Francisco may have an offer that could put you in that motor home. Meet the ‘Vanlords,’ who jam co-renters into their mobile homes. If so, you may have discovered one of the cheapest way to rent ‘housing.’

. . . And with mobility! That ‘open road’ concept may be essential to keep one step ahead of city parking authorities.

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