Canadian First Nation Seeks Sovereignty Through Housing

dettah elders home
Dettah elders home crop pano photo by CambridgeBayWeather is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
Housing for Elders in Dettah, one of the communities of the Yellow Knives Dene Nation in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Indigenous people who are resident in modern nations may value their often unasked for (and sometimes unwanted) citizenship. But many, if not most, harbour a strong sense of maintaining and promoting their own particular nationality, inherited from their more traditional First Nations.

For some that interest includes a national sovereignty — the right to self-determination. Many things define that sovereignty. The Yellowknives Dene, a First Nation within Canada’s Northwest Territories, see their nationhood linked to their control of new home construction. Read more at the CBC: Northern First Nation sees new housing strategy as a way to ‘take back sovereignty’

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