Caring For Homeless Australians By Caring For Their Pets

A homeless person and a dog sleep together on a sidewalk.
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Recent good news for the comfortably housed in Singapore, with its world class housing care for its population. After 35 years(!) of trying, residents will be allowed to house their beloved pets, starting in September 2024. Try: After 35 years Sneaking Thru The Shadows, Singapore’s Cats Finally Shine

Many in Singapore attach tremendous importance to a loving relationship with a pet. Their desire and concern gives credence to the value that people who are homeless place upon the loving comfort from a dog or a cat.

In Australia, there is active acknowledgement of the importance of supporting the pets of people who are unhoused. Pets bring peace, love, stability and happiness to those who otherwise may have few opportunities to live with the trauma of homelessness.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation offered up a photo essay that reflects on the actions of a charitable organization supporting pets belonging to Australian residents who are homeless. Meet a number of them with their pets. As well, learn how volunteers support the animals and by extension, their unhoused human companions and caretakers.

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