High Density Communities: Social Housing Does It Better

When it comes to developing healthy, vibrant social communities in high density projects, two groups do it better — social housing tenant and owner-occupiers. Their longer occupancy allows them...

Vancouver BC Decline And Fall Of The Million Dollar Social Housing Unit

In business-oriented Vancouver, BC, all roads would seem to lead towards profit. For a city regularly rated #2 in the lists of world's most expensive cities to live, it...

Vienna Points To Social Housing As A Key To Urban Resilience

The right to adequate housing in a time of civilization-threatening climate change: how will nations respond to these twin imperatives which, on the surface at least, appear to compete...

Vancouver B.C. Perfects Affordable Housing Shell Game With A Micro-Pea

Leave it to a city which, by some measures, is the world's least affordable after Hong Kong. Leave what to them? Why, solving an affordable housing crisis without actually creating...

One Housing Standard For All?

One school of thought holds that future social housing ought to be built to a lower standard than housing where a higher price will be charged. This kind of...

In The UK, The West Midlands Combined Authority Redefines ‘Affordable Housing’

These days, the affordability of housing is defined in many places by the market value of the housing. For example, one range of housing cost, based on local markets,...
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