Can The Private Sector Build Social Housing For Profit? No.

Can the private sector ever cost-effectively AND the profitably build social housing? A simple economics-101-multiplied-over-time argument might be that if they could, they would. But they haven't so they...

The Police Defund Refund. Not Enough, If Black Lives Matter

Only the wildest-eyed optimists imagine that defunding the police means abolishing crime prevention by creating a magical world in which the disappearance of police somehow creates an end to...

Resilience, Mandatory Savings And Successful Social Housing

Resilience, mandatory savings and social housing might appear to be strange bedfellows, but an article linked below from Nigeria explains how mandatory savings steered into a national housing fund...

Financing Social Housing

In the years following WWII, national governments directly funded and built social housing that was affordable for people with very low incomes. The policies, programs and funding that enabled...

NYCHA Needs 6 Billion, Asks 2 Billion, Gets Nothing New From NY State

When governments mortgage the future to pay for the present, sooner or later the bill comes due. It arrived last year for the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)...

Public Housing Failure: Who Is To Blame? A Seattle Microcosm Of That Question

While public (a.k.a social) housing has been extremely successful in some European nations, it survives and prospers against a small 'c' conservative attitude that financially poor tenants are both...
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