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Posts with stories about housing that is available and affordable for people with low/no incomes at present.

Social Housing Evictee Death: Can A ‘Safeguarding Board’ Make A Difference?

What is it with governments and their agencies faced with a need to learn as they go? Even when they come right out and pledge to do so, they...

Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste: BC Low And No Income Benefit

Commentators around the world are totting up some of the previously unthinkable changes that COVID-19 has offered to low and no income residents. The response in British Columbia, Canada,...

Moving Day, Québec Leaves A Few Without Leases: Disaster Or Triumph?

A couple of weeks ago the Québec government stuck its neck out and resolved to shepherd that province's preponderance of rental lease renewals on July 1st every year. They...

A City’s Coming Homelessness Disaster, By The Numbers

It's become fashionable these days for homelessness and housing activists to proclaim that once eviction moratoriums expire, 'many, many' will become homeless. Well, perhaps 'fashionable' is an inappropriate description...

Federated To Death? When It Comes To Housing, I Pick Québec

State "A" thinks tenants should sink or swim on their own. Maybe you should move. Province "B" is handing out dollars, but stopped yesterday, you're too late. Nation "C"...

3D Printed Walls: Housing Technology That Plays Well With Others? Or Not.

3D Printers capable of creating sophisticated devices such as fireable guns have tweaked the imagination of dreamers. Those with housing on their minds are not only proposing, but actually...

In Barrie, Ontario, Cash-Strapped Students May Buy Housing With Chores

Social housing removes homes from the free market and so can provide an ongoing guarantee of truly affordable housing for low income and no income citizens. Unfortunately, there are few...

Four Kinds Of Affordable Housing That Can Work In A Democracy

Social housing has been largely abandoned by democracy. Or at least by those democracies that have participated most fervently in the East-West Cold War, where socialism became viewed in...
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