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Posts about housing that are not part of the private market. Owners in this group can include non-profits, co-ops, associations, charities and governments.

Clever Designs for Tomorrow’s Hobo Jungles

Does a spontaneous camp of the starving homeless profit from design or planning? There are architects who believe so. Applying the thought to past hobo jungles of the Great Depression...

The Decline And Fall Of Public Housing, Or . . . Back To Tent Camps & Slums

Is the villain called 'small-government conservatism' or is it called 'neoliberalism?'  Here at affordablehousingaction.org we've given up puzzling it out. Maybe we seriously need an academic lecture on the...

Can Micro Income, Micro Houses And Micro Businesses Add Up To Micro Communities?

The success of human communities over the eons have been centred around many different physical and social needs, from water or food sources to protection from enemy attack. Why not...

TOPA Power: Allowing Distressed Tenants To Buy Out Landlords

The headline above seems to suggest an absurd impossibility. The idea that a battered tenant on the brink of rent default and eviction might somehow rise from the floor...

COVID 19 Recovery — Financing Prospects For New Social Housing

There is no question that the COVID-19 response has messed with the economy. Recovery planners are eyeing social housing as a potential win-win for the construction industry and households...

Empty? British Columbia Translates Housing Speculation Into Social Housing

Vancouver, B.C. has been home to some fairly insane social housing practices that, rather than supporting residents with low and no income, seem far better designed to leech government...

Black Or White, There’s Real Power in Cooperation And Community

How to compete with aggressive land developers, particularly in the largely unshackled competition of free-enterprise nations such as the United States? Land developers have pockets lined with cash to outbid...

Students Create Financing Model To Protect Affordable Housing From Market Forces

HUD (the US Department of Housing and Urban Development) sponsors an annual affordable housing competition. The competition is open to university students across the country. The site chosen for this...

Social Housing: A Lifeline For Vancouver’s Oppressed And Overburdened

Jen St. Denis, a journalist in Vancouver, British Columbia, is investigating the triple whammy of high housing costs, COVID-19 and the current stock of social housing. In 2019, the city...

Reviving Adam Smith

A researcher at University College London draws attention to Adam Smith's theory of economic rent. Smith is widely known as the the father of free market economics. The theory...

For North American High Rise Social Housing Haters: Small Can Be Beautiful

Or, in the case of one particular social housing project in France, small can be pig-ugly, at least in the view of this affordablehousingaction.org writer. But fortunately we all...

Canada’s COVID-19 Pandemic Triggers A Curtain Call For Social Housing

The following article provides a clear and detailed history of one country's journey from some of the most affordable housing in the world, to some of the least. It reflects...

A Wooden High-rise Tower Will Offer Support to LA Homeless

In March we posted a story about the possibilities of 'returning' to wood construction for social housing, as it was now being treated seriously as an alternative to more...

What Is ‘Trickle Up’ Housing Affordability?

Given it's name, 'Trickle Up' affordability would suggest the defiance of gravity. That's always a risk when using physical world metaphors for the financial workings of such as a...

The PPP Era? Lost In Translation. Edinburgh Refocuses On Social Housing

Bad news for that Thatcherite conservative, small government fever-dream of arranged housing marriages. Those are the ones in which a sturdy, competent private groom lifts the bridal veil to...
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