Oh, No! Not Another California Homeless Story. . . But It Is A Great One!

Great? We wish we could mean 'great' in some kind of 'light at the end of the tunnel' way. But we can't. Instead we're talking about a comprehensive article...

Why Individual Woes Can Muddy Affordable Housing Imperatives

On one hand: CBS's Anderson Cooper does a so-called 'progressive' take on Seattle's homelessness crisis. "Rent Is Obscene Here": The Issues Forcing People In Seattle Onto The Street And on...

Greensboro NC Describes The Real Roots Of Homelessness — Yet Again

Einstein gets the nod for a popular definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. On the other hand, some aboriginal traditions suggest that...

Three Takes On California’s Housing Crisis: Part 2

Part two of a three part series on California's housing crisis published in the California Globe moves to Los Angeles to take a personal look at those most affected by the housing crisis — the homeless.

Homeless While Working: A Growing Urban Tragedy In Advanced Societies

A widespread misconception about the nature of homelessness needs urgent correction. It is an understandable, and unfortunately highly convenient, misconception. It puts the focus on a small handful of...

Homes Can’t Fix Homelessness. Maybe Not . . . On Some Other Planet

An articulate, well reasoned, polite letter to the editor of Oregon Live neatly sums up the depths of wrong-headed, misinformed thinking about why the homeless need affordable housing. The reasoning is...

NIMBYite Baby Boomers Go Out With A Bang, Not A Whimper

"Affordable Housing? How quaint. Of course. Only take it somewhere else. Otherwise I personally guarantee to shove your XXXX up your YYYY until you bleed buckets and scream for...

Housing First, Helsinki Style

The Guardian has just published a story about Finland’s remarkable success in lowering the number of people who are homeless in the capital Helsinki. We’ve covered stories about Finland’s success...

Hospitals Still Spending Millions Treating People Who Are Homeless

In 2006, Malcolm Gladwell penned the story of Million Dollar Murray, a veteran who found home in the streets of Reno, Nevada. He also spent a good deal of...

UK Rough Sleepers: Does the Government Have A Clue How Many?

A great many people believe that homelessness is characterized by the 'street people' and 'rough sleepers' who are encountered on occasional downtown trips. This is not the full scope...

Homelessness: Not Only A Bigger Problem Than You Think, But Bigger Than Homeless Themselves Think

A reasonably well dressed person walks purposefully past you on the street. Are they homeless? Why on earth would you think so? They aren't huddled in a doorway under a...

Down And Out In Delaware: Some Hard Facts

Like the meaning of 'affordable' housing, the meaning of 'homelessness' is frequently parsed or twisted by special interests (or by the ignorant) who wish to push one agenda or...

Ottawa Homelessness: Bailing An Ocean, One Small, Futile Policy Step At A Time

Everyone knows you can't bail out a sea. And yet, when it comes to homelessness, city councils behave like children on a beach staring at the water with a...
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