Supports To Students Experiencing Homelessness: A Tale Of Uneven Access

In 1987, thanks to the McKinney-Vento Act, US high school students who experienced homelessness began to receive supports to continue with their schooling. Over time, the definition of homelessness...

Making The Prevention Of Homelessness A Priority: The Role Of Social Innovation

Homelessness is not something to wish on anyone. This is especially true for young people. Instead, we should put a priority on preventing young people from experiencing homelessness in...

Why Individual Woes Can Muddy Affordable Housing Imperatives

On one hand: CBS's Anderson Cooper does a so-called 'progressive' take on Seattle's homelessness crisis. "Rent Is Obscene Here": The Issues Forcing People In Seattle Onto The Street And on...

Kudos To Chicago’s Striking Teachers. They Broke The Law To Kick Social Ass

Chicago teachers settled their recent strike in part by ignoring their legal requirement to bargain only for wages and hours and other strictly technical issues related to their employment...

Chicago Unaffordable But Union Must Talk Only Wages & Benefits. Teachers Disagree

Only a month or so away from the 100th anniversary of the journal edition pictured above, it's worth scanning the column of articles featured within it. The final one?...

Kids Desperately Need A Housing Insecurity Blanket

The most vulnerable citizens are those who receive no pay through lack of available work, or unable to work at all. Only slightly more secure are those who support...

Many Youth Who Leave Foster Care Become Homeless. What To Do?

Young people approaching the age of majority are in a time of transition: finishing high school, starting post-secondary education, or employment, leaving home. Young people aging out of foster care...

Lack Of Affordable Housing Constrains Housing First Programs

In our media scans, we see calls for more affordable housing daily. As new groups of people with affordability issues come to light (firefighters, health workers and teachers, for...

Housing Strategies That Assist Young People To Exit Homelessness

Students at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia teamed up to prepare a report that should help young people to leave homelessness. The students identify six different sets of experiences...

High School? College? Can You Get There From Here, If Your ‘Here’ is Homelessness?

America! That mythical land of equal opportunity. When opportunity is equal, if you aren't succeeding then you just aren't trying, or so some would have the rest of us...

Small Town: Tens. Big City: Thousands. USA: Millions: 4 Million Young People Homeless

Toronto is the fourth largest metropolitan area on the North American Continent. With something of a social conscience, it has developed a Housing First program (known locally as Streets...

Youth Homelessness: High Tech Squats For Those Who Blend In

Youth homelessness is on the rise everywhere (as is virtually every kind of homelessness). But when it comes to appearances, young people can take advantage of the low expectations...

Worried You Can’t Get Student Housing? You’re Just One More Whiner With A Bad Attitude

What do you say to a Howard University student who feels she is facing a choice between homelessness or heading elsewhere to school? If you're speaking from the lofty heights...

Youth Plan A: Homelessness. Bristol Counters With Plan B: Affordable Housing (Stay Home)

Young and impatient. Fed up with childhood. At risk of abuse and assault. All are contributing to a youth homelessness crisis in Bristol, UK, a thriving city with an...

Housing As A Child Health Care Investment

"Affordable and stable housing plays a critical role in supporting the health and wellbeing of children." This is the conclusion reached by a recent report by the American National Housing...
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