Issues and events related to the effective maintenance of affordable houses and affordable housing projects

Australia Ponders How Community Housing Benefits All, Not Just The Poorest

A recent article in Australia's Fifth Estate explores two important benefits that may accrue in the future from a more active program of building community housing.There's literally a whole world...

Guardian Public Service Awards: Good Housing News From A Great Paper

Before getting into The Guardian Housing and Public Service Awards, an Top Affordable Housing Newspaper award to The Guardian itself. The Guardian is right up there in quality with the top handful...

NYCHA 25 Billion Repair Estimate: Bad Management Or Weird Flaw Of Human Nature?

What is it about social housing that attracts neglect? Building Management 101 says "put enough money aside for repairs, and for eventual replacement." Notwithstanding this, New York City Housing...

Does Older Housing Become Affordable? Is This ‘Filtering Down’ A Planning Truism Or A Myth?

Can academic planning theory take part of the blame for a growing worldwide affordable housing crisis? It has long been proposed (and seems perfectly reasonable on the surface) that...

Non-Profit Eyes Bigger Than Stomach: A Recipe For Rapid Housing Decay?

When building affordable housing, non-profits need to be wary of misguided, even false, messaging from governments that have failed at the task. In North America, the decline of large...
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