Whatever Happened To Eel Grass Insulation? The Story So Far

How does removing an existing and undeniably 'green' insulating product fit with a commitment to climate-friendly solutions? A recent article about climate-change-sensitive refurbishment of public housing in Nova Scotia contained...

Philadephia Wants Affordable Housing ‘No Sale’ Except For Non-Profits

Housing investors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who've been taking the slow boat to free market profits may soon find themselves diverted onto an unwanted around-the-world cruise by city council. The slow...

Tory Solution For UK Housing Sickness: Take Two Storeys And Call Us In The Morning

What might those most concerned about affordable housing have expected from the recent Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, held in the shadow of a crash-out Brexit powered by a...

Community Land Bank + Community Land Trust = Affordable Housing

Community Land Banks, under one name or another, have been around pretty much since the dawn of cities. They are the result of communities, through one means or another, acquiring...

Your Affordable Home Is Falling Down. Sorry, It Can’t Be Fixed. You Have To Move. Not.

"But where will we go?" Scanning affordable housing stories worldwide, an article reports some unfortunate locale were residents are being evicted from social or public housing practically every day. Four constant...

Indiana ‘Friendship’ Co-Living: Extra Challenge, Extra Reward

The search for housing affordability has recently focused attention on the benefits of co-living.Try: Co-living: What Is It? Who Does It? Why Bother? That co-living involves responsibilities as well...

Resilient City, Toronto Style

"A Resilient Toronto is ... Home. A place where housing is a right, and every resident has a safe, decent, and affordable place to live." Compared with stories that...

Yes, Short Term Rentals Do Threaten Affordable Housing, Say New Orleans Activists 

Recent developments in short term housing rental have catapulted companies such as Airbnb to fame and fortune. Unfortunately, a trend that has been a boon to bargain-hunting tourists and...
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