A View Of Social Housing in Countries Where ‘Social’ Is Not Repugnant

These days, not everyone in the world except Americans (the odd progressive aside), believe that social housing deserves to go belly up in a hand basket, or be otherwise...

Could Reviled Public Housing Beat Current National Affordability Programs?

Useful articles on the subject of public housing have been a rarity in mainstream American publications. "Not in our lifetime," has been a characterization of a date when the...

Will Award Make UK Social Housing Tenants House Proud?

Some council house tenants in Norwich, UK, recently woke to discover they are living in homes with award-winning style. We're not talking about 'top of this year's public housing,'...

Born Again Social Housing? Is It Possible? Scotland’s Done It

America is where social housing went to die. Poisoned by the cold war that tarnished all things that remotely hinted of socialism or communism, social housing's slow death was,...

Non-Market Permanent Affordable Housing: Practical Solution Or Pipe Dream?

People with very low incomes face big hurdles when it comes to affording housing. With minimal resources, they have limited housing options and little control over their housing in...

Aussie Public Housing History: One Architect’s Championing Of More For Less

An Australian article linked below appears at first glance to be a 'sweep nostalgia away' anti-heritage, anti-sentiment dismissal of older architecture threatened with redevelopment. However, it instead turns out be...

Ontario Pines For The Heady Affordable Housing Co-ops Of Yesteryear

Social housing has been one of the few affordable housing alternatives in many countries. We're talking truly affordable rental housing here, and we're talking the massive quantities necessary to...

The Sad Parable Of A San Francisco Teachers’ Slum

In truth, it was a teacher's slum that never was, but a sad parable nonetheless. These days, stories abound of middle class workers essential to a community who are less...

Happy 50th Birthday, Co-op City, NYC: Proving Project Housing Can Survive And Prosper

With dense living apparently the way of the future for modern cities, it's important to understand why it has in some cases proved itself unworthy. Communities of gentry in luxury...

How Can Architecture Bring Social Equity To Housing?

Amidst a growing affordable housing crisis, what does social equity actually mean? It's a slippery concept, though many would pursue it. Or at least they would pursue different ideas...

Canmore Affordable Housing Non-Profit Escapes Alive From Govt Meat Grinder. A Cautionary Tale for All?

The Mountain Haven Cooperative must be daring to take one or two breaths of relief after reaching a settlement with the town of Canmore, Alberta, following a steady downwards struggle...

Broken Promise: The Art And Artifice Of A Social Housing ‘Failure’

Robin Hood Gardens is demolished now, making way for high-rise towers, and 5 times the amount of housing. Half of that will be 'affordable,' but not in a traditional...

Affordable Housing: Less Is More In Baltimore

Many private/public partnerships to build affordable housing do not pass the smell test with their handfuls of affordable houses or apartments in projects numbering hundreds of market rate or...

Low Income Housing Must Be Designed Not Only For Economy, But For Human Dignity: Los Angeles Architects

In a Los Angeles region of ten million people, homelessness increased substantially in 2015 to top 47,000 people. Recognizing that housing for people experiencing homelessness is a major architectural...

Need More Affordable Housing? “Grown Men Who Play With Lego” Are Waiting For Your Call.

Cost savings from modular construction offers a new direction for affordable housing – one which so far has been under-utilized. But one modular affordable housing project, a recently-completed, New York City skyscraper that is now the tallest modular building in the world, offers a mixed of both market rate and affordable units.
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