High Rise Fires: Rethinking ‘Stay Put.’ Can There Be An Escape Route?

Two years after the Grenfell Tower disaster, the London Fire Commissioner ultimately responsible for how the fire was fought is advocating a serious review of 'Stay Put' advice to...

Lifting The Hood On Affordable Housing ‘Red Tape’

Red Tape: Everybody hates it. Nobody needs it. When it comes to affordable housing, red tape is taking the blame for high costs. It is being disparaged by many actors...

“Nobody Listened to Us!” Grenfell Tower Fire Survivors Demand A Legal Voice For All Social Housing Tenants

The 2017 Grenfell Tower Fire in London has spawned several different regulatory and police investigations. So far, targets of possible manslaughter charges for actions contributing to the disaster include...

The Reprieve Of The Flimsy Fly-By-Never Single-Wide Trailer Park Death Trap

For many, many years manufactured homes just couldn't 'get no respect.' Inexpensive, certainly. Mobile? Not really. They just picked up that reputation by snuggling up to real — and real...

A Hurricane Tests The Myth That Affordable Housing Must Be Shoddy Housing

"Nuclear destruction" has been a common theme in descriptions of Florida Panhandle towns in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Multi-block stretches of flattened houses are pockmarked here and there...

English Government Bans Cladding That Burned At Grenfell Tower

We have just received word that the government in England has announced a complete ban on combustible cladding on buildings more that 18 m high. At the time it...
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