Affordable housing towers, a supposed solution, then a nagging problem, now facing some reconsideration in the light of successful market rate tower complexes everywhere

Dallas Highrise Residential Parking: An Affordable Housing Burden?

At we've not been overly impressed by the blanket condemnation of zoning bylaws by the housing industry. NIMBY neighbourhood attitudes, perfectly understandable, have become a convenient 'fall guy'...

Trickle Up: A Watery Metaphor for Housing Price Change That Defies Gravity

'Trickle-down' is the process that is touted to solve affordable housing crisis. It is the favourite viewpoint of the American housing industry and supported by the YIMBY (Yes in...

Sydney, AU: Is There A Happy Medium For Affordable Housing Density?

So, how long before a first rate city that can attract only second rate talent diminishes to a second rate city? Sydney Australia hovers close to the top of many...

Born Again Social Housing? Is It Possible? Scotland’s Done It

America is where social housing went to die. Poisoned by the cold war that tarnished all things that remotely hinted of socialism or communism, social housing's slow death was,...

Houses Of The Future? Sticks Win Out Over Huffing And Puffing Wolf.

A seven story wooden structure built in Italy was rated strong enough to withstand a 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan, which destroyed some 50,000 houses. Watch It Not Fall...

Non-Market Permanent Affordable Housing: Practical Solution Or Pipe Dream?

People with very low incomes face big hurdles when it comes to affording housing. With minimal resources, they have limited housing options and little control over their housing in...

Resilient City, Toronto Style

"A Resilient Toronto is ... Home. A place where housing is a right, and every resident has a safe, decent, and affordable place to live." Compared with stories that...

How Library Systems Can Help Address Affordable Housing Crises

Increasing density seems the only option for building affordable housing in the downtown core of many cities. Even smaller homes in higher towers may only temporarily be affordable, if...

Hong Kong: An Animated Future Where There Won’t Be Room To Move

The authors of a South China Post article have criticized a recent study suggesting that Hong Kong's micro-apartment present can only lead to a future of even smaller flats. Their speculation: mental...

An American Public Housing Project: Failure Of Humanity? Or Failure Of Housing?

The great American public housing projects have failed. They became lawless, violent, unliveable. The great unanswered question: did the needy, with their brutish, immoral, uncivilized and criminal ways, cause...

Brutalism: The Demise Of The High Rise Live-in Parking Garage?

Who knew that architecture could warp the mind, pollute the thinking, cause people to sink into poverty and condemn them to a life of crime? That seemed to be...

Need More Affordable Housing? “Grown Men Who Play With Lego” Are Waiting For Your Call.

Cost savings from modular construction offers a new direction for affordable housing – one which so far has been under-utilized. But one modular affordable housing project, a recently-completed, New York City skyscraper that is now the tallest modular building in the world, offers a mixed of both market rate and affordable units.
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