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Commodification Of Housing

Posts that discuss housing as an investment, rather than shelter. This includes the idea of housing as an asset, packaging mortgages for trade, and activities that realize profit from housing related transactions.

How UK Housing Assistance Creates Ugly, Dodgy Investments

A recent article in The Guardian forms a basis for our headline. That article connects financial incentives for first time buyers to a plague of ugly, shoddy new build multi-unit...

Vancouver, BC: ‘Hiving’ As A Resilient Affordable Housing Strategy

Vancouver, BC is the least affordable city in North America, with a high proportion of households with low incomes compared to Canada as a whole. As well, it's a...

Occupier California Moms Evicted Quietly, Peacefully. (They Must Be Canadians!)

A far cry from the raucous civil disobedience housing occupations more than a year ago in Berlin, California's 2 moms + kids illegal occupation of an empty housing investment...

Housing Has Always Been A Commodity, So What’s The Big New Deal?

Currently there's a great deal of hand-wringing about the 'commodification' of housing, in particular its link to exploding housing prices and to blossoming housing crises everywhere. Some go so...

Repairs R Us: Habitat For Humanity Diversifies Onward

In the free markets of today's democracies, housing is an investment, not a human right. To build housing in this commodified environment is to pursue profit, not to reaffirm...

Urban Planning Trapped In The Zoning ‘Solution’

When it comes to building more affordable housing, zoning has a high profile. An article in the New Yorker argues that by focussing on zoning, we miss the importance...

Housing: Asset Or Necessity? Disobedience May Define It, Along With The Future of Capitalism

Two homeless mothers together with children have occupied an empty house in Oakland, California. Currently, there is more housing held empty by investors speculating in Oakland than there are...

Housing Racism: The Diseased Underbelly Of The American Dream

A new book written by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor surfaces how the American Dream of homeownership has played out for black people. Early in her career, Taylor worked as a housing advocate....

US Affordable Housing Supply — Sabotaged!

A recent study by two U.S. economists demonstrates how national homebuilders can effectively sabotage the free market, building fewer homes to their great convenience and profit. In response to cries...

Affordable Housing Activists Eye England’s 216,000 Empty Houses

A new study has emerged that indicates there are far more unsuitably housed people in the UK than previously thought. Read more in The Guardian: More Than 8 Million People...

Use It Or Lose It: Affordable Housing By Compulsory Purchase Order

Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) emerged from a British 17th century need to assemble land in order to create canals. In the 19th century they were used the same way...
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