Negative Gearing: What Is It? How Does Make Housing Less Affordable?

Sections below with a light blue background are excerpts from an Australian Labor Party publication entitled Positive plan to help housing affordability Negative gearing Negative gearing refers to the situation where...

From Fannie Mae, The Challenge: Healthy Affordable Housing!

The American Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly called Fannie Mae, is looking to support new ideas for sustainable affordable housing development, by announcing an Innovation Challenge, part of a Sustainable Communities...

City Councils as Social Housing Developers: Yesterday’s Socialist Evil, Or Tomorrow’s Hope For Affordable Housing?

DIY. Do It Yourself! Wise advice to a UK Borough Council that badly needs affordable housing? The London Borough of Hackney not only thinks so, it is taking aggressive...

Owensboro KY: Historical Place Tax Credits Help Build Affordable Housing

Trendy condo projects often gobble up structurally sound disused warehouses and industrial buildings, particularly when they are close to downtown in a city with a hot housing market. But in...

Exceptionalism: Self-Congratulatory Babble That Masks Affordable Housing Corruption

In the developing world, corruption is a constant menace. By contrast in the developed world, corruption is generally considered to be less of an issue, thanks to . . ....

The ‘Missing Middle’: Solving The Workforce Affordable Housing Riddle

There are circumstances in which it is easy to pity the 'missing middle'. The term 'workforce housing' is increasingly used to describe accommodation for those above-minimum wage workers in...

As American Poor Are Pushed Out To Suburbs, Mumbai Commits To Affordable City Core

The flight of poverty in American cities has been towards the suburbs. Downtown affordable housing has evaporated in the face in urban renewal and gentrification. This has largely been...

Affordable Housing=Tax Breaks+Multiple-Funders+Partnerships + . . .Oh, Screw It! Just Build More!

That's what Tokyo has done for the last ten years — build more housing. What counts for more in a city as huge as Tokyo? Say around 100,000 units...

Bottomless Sinkhole Drains Affordable Houses From UK Public/Private Partnerships

It seems that the bloom is off the rose in the United Kingdom, as local councils confront the loophole built into the nation's public/private partnership initiative to fund and...
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